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MoM - Strasse des Friedens (Road of Peace)  2013

organisation of an European Artproject:  https://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Europese

ROAD OF PEACE  (Strasse des Friedens)

For 40 years the staff of the project Road of Peace have been working on a 5,5000 km long ‘Street of Sculptures’ from Moscow to the Normandy coast.

In the course of time an international network of sculptors, art projects and peace initiatives has grown. The artists contribute to the European Peace with their work.

With MoM-Strasse des Friedens a connection to Amsterdam and IJsselstein is established.

Artist Otto Freundlich worked in the 30s to the idea of creating a sculpture route for peace.

Sculptor Leo Kornbrust began in the 70s in St. Wendel to the realization of this European Strasse des Friedens.

In 2004 the “Association Strasse des Friedens" has been founded.

The documentary about this art project entitled  "It Takes Time" by Gabi Bollinger (D), received two awards at the Film Festival in New York in 2011.

0    “Monument”  maquette  by  Otto Freundlich, philosopher / artist, (1878-1943) source of inspiration of the Strasse des Friedens

1    Bertrand Ney  sculptor, responsible for contact with the partners in Luxembourg

2    Lorenz Dittmann  art historian, has published about Otto Freundlich and Leo Kornbrust

3    Cornelieke Lagerwaard  Secretary, 2nd president of the Verein Strasse des Friedens

4    Zoya Schmitt  member of the Verein Strasse des Friedens, contact person Russia

5    Uschi Macher  kultuurministerium, contact person for the Großregion Saar-Lor-Lux

6    Werner Feldkamp  chief "Cultural Landscape Initiative", St. Wendeler Country

7    Ernst-Gerhard Güse vormer director of the Saarland Museum

8    Martin Kornbrust  responsible for the website Verein Strasse des Friedens 2013

9    Gerhard Leibrock  chairman of the first symposionsvereniging in St. Wendel

10  Udo Recktenwald  landrat county St. Wendel

11  Willi Wagner  engineer, contacts with Russia

12  Dieter Breitenbach  Saarland former culture minister

13  Ulrich Commerçon  Saarland culture minister

14  Klaus Bouillon mayor of St. Wendel

15  Harry Hauch  kultuurdetache Province St. Wendel

16  Sonja Wasemann  treasurer Verein Strasse des Friedens

17  Kerstin Sommer  office manager Verein Strasse des Friedens

18  Maria Bruch  sponsor

19  Leo Kornbrust  sculptor, founder of the art project, founder and chairman Verein Strasse des Friedens

20  Erich Bollinger soundman

21  Stefan Urlaß  cameraman

22  Gabi Bollinger  director

23  Beate Leinen  art historian, former office manager of the Verein Strasse des Friedens

24  Peter Schölzel  the treasurer of the first symposionsvereniging in St. Wendel

25  Robert Kupisinski  art historian in Poland, Poland contact person

26  Paul Schneider  sculptor, founder of the Saarland part symposium "Steine an der Grenze" 

27  Gerd Winner  artist, founder of the steel symposium in Salzgitter

28  Yoshimi Hashimoto  sculptor, responsible for contacts with divere symposia (Berlin)

29  Ludwig Harig  Saarland writer

30  Joachim Heusinger-von Waldegg  art historian, scholar of Otto Freundlich

31  Felicitas Frischmuth (1931-2009)  wife of Leo Kornbrust   “DAS GEHT NUR LANGSAM”  text on chair

32  James Reinking   “Untitled” 1996   object along the sculpture trail

33  flag of Europe

34  “Order of the Straws”   sign by Wim van Sijl 

35  “GUT”   floor pattern by Henk Wijnen

The work is conceived on the size 1.7 x 3 meters