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MoM - KNAW   (Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences) 2012

organization of science:   www.knaw.nl

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences  (KNAW)

As the forum, conscience, and voice of the arts and sciences in the Netherlands, the Academy promotes quality in science and scholarship and strives to ensure that Dutch scholars and scientists contribute to cultural, social and economic progress. As a research organisation, the Academy is responsible for a group of outstanding national  research institutes. It promotes innovation and knowledge valorisation within these institutes and encourages them to cooperate with one another and with university research groups.

lecture about MoM - KNAW  by Ilja Veldman:   youtube

Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) is located in the Trippenhuis Amsterdam

0    Rembrandt Room Trippenhuis Amsterdam

1    André Knottnerus   Chairman Section Medicine

2    Arend Quak   Secretary Section of Language and Literature Studies

3    Henk van der Vorst   Chairman Section Mathematics

4    Ben de Kruijff   Chairman Chemistry Section

5    Theo Verbeek  Chairman Section Philosophy and Theology

6    Wouter Hanegraaff   Secretary Section of Philosophy and Theology

7    Hans Clevers    President since 05-06-12

8    Robbert Dijkgraaf    President up to 05-06-12

9    Christine Mummery    Academy Board Member Department of Physics

10  Hans Chang    CEO and Secretary Academy board

11  Ellen van Wolde    Academy board member Division Literature

12  Bauke Dijkstra   Secretary Section of Chemistry

13  Hein de Baar   Chairman Section Earth Sciences

14  Klaas van Berkel    Chairman Section Historical Sciences

15  Wim van Saarloos    Chairman Section of Physics and Astronomy

16  Nico Schrijver    Chairman Section Sciences of Law

17  Paul Hooykaas   Chairman Section Biology

18  Jan Willem Gunning   Academy Board Member Division Literature

19  Koen Hilberdink    Head of the Department Society

20  Koen Ottenheym   Secretary Section of Historical Sciences

21  Mark van Loosdrecht    Secretary Section of Technical Sciences

22  Jack Middelburg    Secretary Section of Earth Sciences

23  Carlo Beenakker    Secretary Section of Physics and Astronomy

24  Carla Sieburgh   Secretary Section Sciences of Law

25  Sasha Lubotsky   Chairman Section in Linguistics and Literary Studies

26  Hans Bos    Secretary Section Medicine

27  Ben Feringa    Academy Board Member, Chairman Department of Physics

28  Pierre de Wit    Secretary Section Biology

29  Jan Willem Klop   Secretary Section of Mathematics

30  Albert van den Berg    Academy Board Member Department of Physics

31  Harald Merckelbach    Chairman Section Behavioural and Social Sciences

32  Jeff de Hosson    Chairman Section of Technical Sciences

33  Pearl Dykstra    Academy Board Member, Chair Department of Literature

34   “Manuscript XVII” by Wim van Sijl

35   “GUT” by Henk Wijnen 

36   “Militia Banquet” 1648  by Bartholomeus van der Helst   

The work is conceived on the size 1.7 x 3 meters