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MoM - Friendship  2012

the importance of a group of friends for live

The club of friends which call themselves the EETKAMER (DINING ROOM) was born out of board members of the Junior Chamber International (JCI) in the 90s.

Since than they meet monthly and organize special friendship events. The members works in various organizations.

In 2004 the members of the EETKAMER had a dinner on the bridge over the Waal at Zaltbommel. Wijnen en Van Sijl made of this dinner the work "Zo Bommel # 2050".

The bridge was demolished in 2007.

The work is conceived on the size 1.9 x 3 meters

1   Ben Boeding   counsellor  

2   Godfried Barnasconi  chairman of the Board of Directors of the Groene Hart Hospital

3   Anton Klunder   managing director

4   Bas de Jong     gastrovino

5   Mente Bousema    dermatologist

6    Charles Verheyen     nonprofit organization management  

7    Arthur Hermans    designer

8    Bas Pickkers   director at Stichting Domplein 2013

9    Gerard Schuiringa    pharmacist

10  Maton Sonnemans   management Consulting

11  Wouter Geels   physio and manual therapy

12  Frank Welkenhuysen   gallery & art brokers

13  Frank Bouman   marketing and communication

14  Frank Elion   cooperative management committee VGZ

15  Bert Noordermeer  lawyer / consultant

16  Roberto Trouwborst   director at Boogaard Assurantiën

17  Bert Murk    owner Hot Prospects

18  Felix van Heesbeen    owner at Van Hoorn Trading

19  “Zo Bommel #2050”  film  by Henk Wijnen - Wim van Sijl  2005

20  bridge over the river De Waal at Zaltbommel