MoM - De Kring  (The Circle)      2011

a cross section of members and organisation of the Art Society De Kring, Amsterdam:

MoM-De Kring and MoM-Arti 175 constitute a diptych of artists’ associations in Amsterdam

Artists Society De Kring was founded on September 23, 1922 by artists and intellectuals. De Kring is a private and distinguished club in Amsterdam. Becoming a member takes place by means of ballot.

De Kring has 1900 members from the cultural life with many leading artists, architects, writers, lawyers, journalists, scientists, etc.

De Kring has its own club room and a restaurant where exhibitions, musical performances and lectures takes place.

1   Clairy Polak    TV presenter  

2   Hein van Maasdijk  photographer 

3   dog of Mathilde Santing

4   Mathilde Santing     singer

5   Marianne van Tilborg    gallerist

6    Jeron Halewijn    managing director  

7    Marlies Rohmer    architect

8    Melle Daamen   director City Schouwbrug

9    Mimi Kok    actrice

10  Mensje van Keulen   writer

11  Maaltje van Everdingen   doctor

12  Ron Hijman   clinical neuropsychologist

13  Ursul de Geer   actor, TV director

14 Leo Schatz    visual artist

15  Cleo Campert   photographer

16  Willem Morelis   designer

17  Marije Sloothaak    writer

18  Pieter Verhoef    movie director

19  Jan Jansen    designer

20 Ralph Warning   bartender

21  Tijmen Ploeg  architect

22  Lidewij van den Eerenbeemt    secretariat

23 Irving Pardoen   translator

24 Sies Joosten   head of technical services

25  Robert Portais  head of restaurant

26  Diederik Kloosterman  master chef

27  “New planet”  2001 by Henk Wijnen 

28  “Drum”  1976  by Wim van Sijl

The work is conceived on the size 2 x 5 meters




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