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MoM - Arti 175    2014

a cross section of members and organisation of the Art Society Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam:  http://www.arti.nl

MoM-Arti 175 and MoM-de Kring constitute a diptych of artists’ associations in Amsterdam

Artists Society Arti et Amicitiae was founded on 1839 by artists and intellectuals. Arti et Amicitiae is a private and distinguished club in Amsterdam. Becoming a member takes place by means of ballot. Arti et Amicitiae has 1650 members from the cultural life with many leading artists, architects, writers, lawyers, journalists, scientists, etc.

Arti et Amicitiae has its own club room with a restaurant where also musical performances and lectures takes place. On the second floor there are museal exhibition spaces.

The interior including staircase, club room and furniture is largely designed by the architect Berlage.

1     Popel Coumou     visual artist

2     Pieter      dog of Charlotte Mutsaers

3     “Eva” 1939    Jan Sluijters (1881-1957)     

4     Geert Jan Kemme     chairman, committee of assistance

5     Robert Samkalden    board member

6     Lydia Schouten     visual artist 

7     Charlotte Mutsaers    writer

8     Berend Strik    visual artist  

9     Martin C. de Waal     visual artist

10   Wim T. Schippers     visual artist

11   Merel Noorlander     visual artist

12   Willem Vaarzon Morel   visual artist

13   Harry Heyink   visual artist

14   Eva Mendlik     visual artist

15   Gerard Kogelman     managing director

16   Jos Houweling      former director Sandberg Institute

17   Stella Veldkamp    visual artist

18   Tijmen van Grootheest     former director Rietveld Academy

19   Boudewijn Payens     visual artist

20   Olivier Bor    son of Jan Bor

21   Jan Bor    philosopher

22   Frans Franciscus    visual artist

23   Joep Baaij     society manager

24   Fredie Beckmans     visual artist

25   Moritz Ebinger    visual artist

26   Adrienne Winthagen     secretariat

27   Maarten Rots    visual artist

28  “MOM - De Kring”    (detail) 2011  by wijnen.vansijl  

29   Minne de Groot     head of technical services

30   H.P. Berlage (1856-1934)    architect of interior Arti et Amicitiae

The work is conceived on the size 2 x 2.5 meters